Saturday, October 16, 2010

16th of Blogtoberfest- round trip of 150km+

I have just got back from a friends 30th birthday party.  My mother was kind enough to bub sit for us so that DH and I could go together. 

Waiting there for us was the birthday boy, and his wife and kids, his large extended family and also some other friends of ours.  Its always nice to get together with these people. His family are friendly, and its great to catch up with our friends with no kids, even if its just giggling about the antics of our partners (or ourselves)

eating food, eating cake (and sticky date!)

then for the birthday boy to blow out his candles and officially jointhe 30 and over club, a few speeches, kisses and cuddles and then the trip back home.

It was welll worth travelling the 150km to celebrate his birthday.