Thursday, October 21, 2010

21st of Blogtoberfest: the strength of the Aussie dollar

Do you suddenly have the same urge as me- to go shopping?

Quilters cottons, shoes, designer clothing, all cheaper than here.

But for how long?

Long enough that I can water the money tree and wait for it to flower?

I hope so...


willow and moo said...

From most of what I've been reading the Aussie dollar is expected to stay strong for quite a while. The US economy is still in the crapper.

Unknown said...

There are rumours it will go as high as $1.10 over the next two months. I think we'll be good until at least Christmas.

quilary said...

I keep running around filling wish-lists at different fabric and book shops. Coming up to Christmas I can 'justify' hitting that checkout button. I think I'll do it this week, it looks like it might be heading down again :(