Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26th of Blogtoberfest: learning blogger

Did you know that there is a stats button?

Can you see it? top right hand tab.

Its actually quite interesting.  You can see how many times you page has been surfed today.  Compare it to yesterday, last month etc... And what posts were looked at.
(my sew a crotch tutorial seems to be quite popular!)

You can see where your in the world is the most popular place to surf from, and what browser they use.

You can also see what key words were used to do a search when they found your blog.

one thing it doesn't show though is who is searching... so please continue to leave comments, I love to hear them and know im not just talking to myself.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting. I had no idea of that feature - from what I can gather, it was launched Sept 1.

What I do know is that people LOVE tutorials. My fitted sheet one is pretty popular (yes, texta drawings and all).

Most popular search that leads to my blog "Ahh bra". ROFLMAO!

I went and checked out your crotch tutorial - very nice!

Kate said...

I just found that recently too!
No surprises that most people come to my blog for my crochet ric rac tutorial.

Tanya said...

Hey Carolyn, no i didn't know that either. Hmm, don't feel like I have anything to do a tutorial on. will have a think about that!

quilary said...

People like giveaways too! I wonder who uses a browser called "Iceweasel"??? which is one that's shown up on my stats.
Also someone searched using the words " I stuffed up on.." to reach my blog *hangs head in shame*