Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20th of Blogtoberfest: thinking of Christmas

I missed yesterday, sorry to those who were hanging out waiting for my daily blog post ;)

Anyway, I have been thinking about Christmas.  It is slightly scary to think that its only 2 months away.

I was thinking of gifts for people.  Who do you give gifts to?  What sort of gifts?

I'm talking aside from the general mother, brother, kids, partners.  School teachers, aides, the lady who says hello in the car park?

And what do I give?  I really love the soaps from Fresh Cut Soaps, but how do others feel when they receive a block of soap?  I know how much they cost and how perdy they are, but wrapped up in a little bit of cellophane, do they look more meaningful than a box of Roses chocolates?  Or does it portray, you smell and need a bath?

I always thought that a pair of fancy socks were a lovely present in high school.  That's the sort of gift that was often given at a birthday- a pair of socks and a facial scrub- or something like that.  When I met my husband he was horrified!  I still think this is a nice present, he doesn't!

I'm not sure that I have the time to make everyone something from my sewing machine, otherwise I might churn out 8 note books.

Anyway, what do you think?


Kylie said...

I am the same - this year with Amelia being at Kinder and Baden being in care I have added 6 to the list to make for (gasp)

Thinking that they might all get a necklace at the moment:)